Monday, May 3, 2010

Remembering Bud Foxx

"Bud Foxx, also known as Christopher Maddux to his friends and family, passed this earth Wednesday night May 7, 2008. He passed as he always had lived, with love in his heart, humor and laughter in his spirit and a continuous and never ending devoted passion for what he believed in and fought for.”

That was a message left by William Wolbrecht two years ago. Who was Bud Foxx? Why remember him now? I can try my best to explain both of those thoughts now 2 years since his passing. Simply put Bud Foxx was our conscience. I have no idea where he came from, but one day He arrived online to do battle with what he considered to be a pernicious evil, Kent Barclay AKA Damon Kruezer. At the time no one knew his motives, but all welcomed his sharp wit and powers of understanding of just how demeaning to the human spirit Kent Barclay was.

By now we are all familiar with Kent Barclay’s back story. A vile little man who hides behind a keyboard to spew all lies imaginable about anyone he can in an attempt to somehow validate his own sad and lonely existence. A man who at 57 was the cause of his 83 mother losing her senior citizens housing because he was living there illegally. While he was claiming to own a duplex in SOHO in NYC and being friends with Heath Ledger, whom he met with regularly along with a fictional life partner Marc, he actually was living in his mother’s one bedroom apartment in an assisted senior citizen’s complex in Norwell, MA. She was evicted, stating in the court papers “He is my son and he can't afford any place to live”. Just imagine a 57 YO living off his mother’s meager Social Security check, and having her evicted from her home of 13 years because he was too lazy to get a job and provide for himself.

Into that breech stepped Bud Foxx. He saw just how evil Kent Barclay was, how he terrorized young gay men, and he bravely spent the last time he had on this earth exposing the liar for his lies, and literally spending the last energy he had fighting evil as he saw it. It was a noble effort in the grand tradition of any superhero, real or fictional who saw evil and tried to fight it, putting his needs secondary to the objective of making life better for someone else. That is by it’s definition heroic, and Budd Foxx was indeed a hero.

We all know that Kent Barclay is evil. Taking him on means you are going to be lied about in the most vile of ways, that did not deter Bud. He forged ahead, and for the first time in a long time with his brilliant intellect and sharp wit shone a light on Kent that he still has not recovered from. Even after Bud Foxx's death Kent was vile but how could that surprise anyone. He took credit for Bud’s death saying it was Karmic retribution for taking on Kent.

Now we all know there is no depth to which Kent will not sink, but even for him this was all time low. What it did was expose for all to see the depravity of this sick man. Since then Kent has been on a downward spiral that has included being rebuffed by the porn industry as a whole, and a fraud scheme that defrauded a northern California man out of $11,400 claiming to be making a film called Brad’s Buddies 2.

Let’s look at both of those developments. Kudo’s go out to Morgan Sommer and his Cybersocket awards who let Kent know that his hide behind a keyboard approach was no longer going to work. He told Kent that no nomination for awards was coming unless you come into our office and prove who you are. Now keep in mind Kent has Claimed to have move to Silverlake California in October. He also constantly claims to be going to places all across Southern California, yet remarkably no one has seen him. He can't produce anyone to corroborate this. He uses his sock puppets, his fictional life partner Marc, his never seen business associates to appear relevant, yet none of them exist. Even his few apologists like Chris Steele at Jet Set have not claimed to have seen him. Bottom line Kent never left Mass and is still there. Now however his stolen money has run out, he has sole the bounty he stole and it is back to the now 86 YO mothers SS check to try and get money to go online and make anyone who will listen think he is important.

The next set of Kudo’s go out to Zach Sire at Unzipped for his inviting Kent to make a public appearance in Silverlake and Kent went through his whole list of lies and then never showed. Since then Zach has exposed his lies and his pathetic lying to the point where Kent has become a joke.

The last set of Kudo’s go out to the young models themselves who have set up their own Kent watch. As Kent approaches a young man and tries to tell them he can help them if only they send him nudes and engage in sexually charged conversations with him, the young models jump into action and tell the new person that he is a liar and a fraud, and with the use of twitter every time Kent raised his head he gets beaten down by the vast group of people who have been burned, and they do not allow Kent to harm anyone else.

All of these are ongoing events that keep Kent from hurting other young gay men, with his lies about who and what he is, and what he can do for them. All he can really do is get them on the phone and try to get them to tell him about their sex lives so he can jerk off on the other end. That’s quite a life isn’t it.

There are also the legal predicaments that Kent finds himself in. There is the continuing parental abuse of his mother. All the court documents regarding his mother’s eviction in Norwell including his forging a lease and rent payments to the court were passed on to the Quincy Police and the Quincy Housing Authority. As were the details of his defrauding the man in Northern California, including the bank account he opened to receive half the payment, were turned over to the FBI, the Secret Service(who have jurisdiction over interstate bank fraud), and finally after April 15 the IRS for the tax fraud involved.

He claims to be a world travelling jet setter who shot in Paris among other places. Yet not a single person, model, crew member, editor, no one has said a word about working with him. There is not a still picture anywhere of anything or anyone he claims to have shot. Just lie after lie from a cockroach that has to hide in the darkness and has to fear showing his face in public. All lies from a thief who crossed the line and will end up finally in jail where he belongs. At least then his mother’s Social Security will go to her and not to him.

Bud Foxx is gone two years now. One of the great sadness’s of the AIDS epidemic is not just the loss of those it took, but the sadness of the loss of those they left behind. There aren’t words to help that pain, there isn’t a cure for that loneliness. For those Christopher Maddux left behind our hearts cry with them, and as unbearable as their loss is, I think Bud Foxx is looking down on us now and seeing the end in sight of the vile Kent Barclay and he is smiling. When a budding genius a few weeks ago made a parody cartoon showing Kent Barclay to be the loser buffoon he is I know in my heart Bud is smiling. He gave his last energy to see that this man would stop preying on gay youth. None of that was in vain. He laid the tracks down so the train carrying Morgan Sommers, Zach Sire, Jason Pitt, Cameron Fox, MJ Taylor, Phillip Ashton, Mark Wilson, and countless others ride the “Haters Express” from one end of the country to the other exposing this liar and his lies.

And where is Kent Barclay? Homeless and wandering Massachusetts wondering as he looks over his shoulder is it is the FBI? The Secret Service? The IRS? Local authorities looking at Parental abuse? Theft of Government services? Welfare Fraud? Imagine the life of a homeless vagabond afraid to show his face in public. He posted this picture on his website and removed his face from the picture. Seriously what does that say about the man known as Damon Kruezer?
Afraid if he does his past will catch up with him and snacth him away. He isn’t on much anymore, that is what happens when you have no money, can’t hold a job, live of your elderly mother for decades, and engage in fraud, wire fraud, bank fraud, theft of government services, parental abuse, and countless other crimes. It’s what happens when you lie. Karma does it exist and it is indeed a bitch. I can go in Public and meet Jason Pitt and Mar Adams and have my picture taken with them. ElMysterio can go in public and have his picture taken with Michael Brandon, Ricky Sinzs and Roy, Dewayne in SD can have his picture taken with Brent Corrigon any day of the week..
Kent has to hide in the darkness looking over his shoulder wondering who is coming after him and when he is going to be put away
We miss you deeply Bud Foxx. I know it doesn’t help, but when you fell your torch was picked up by dozens of brave people to took the light you brought forth and made sure it was shown brightly on the cockroach known as Kent Barclay. When he is locked away for good the first toast at the hater’s party will be to you.

written by Kevin Clarke

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Is the kruezer serious with this madness?

This first tweet from the Kruezer is very funny. I know from a email sent to me from Matthew at Great Atlantic Media that he wanted nothing to do with Damon Kruezer AKA Kent Barclay.

Matthew thought that Damon was a disgusting pervert. From talking to Mark Wilson It was conveyed to me that Damon wanted to meet Matthew because he was enamoured with him. Damon wanted to talk to Matthew on the phone so that he could he could get off on the sound of his voice and talk to him inappropriately . Mark Wilson being aware of Damon's past did not let this happen. The deal with Damon fell through due to his begging for a loan and his unreasonable demands. This started Damon on a downward spiral that led to him creating a fraudulent website where he posted the picture of Matthew one of Mark's employees on the site. Thus proving why Mark Wilson would not let Damon talk to his employee.

The next tweet just goes to show you how on top of things Damon is. He is making a claim that blogger took down Dewayne's old site but that site has not been used since Dewayne has a new site on word press hosted by Great Atlantic Media. This is a sore spot with Damon because he believes that he should have a website hosted there and in Damon's own words "Not some upstart like Dewannabeinsd" jealous much Damon?
Now we have him taking a dig at another model, Jason Pitt who just last week he was trying to get to do his ill fated movie Brads Buddies II. What is funny is he bad mouthed his agent bad mouthed him and he thinks that this model will work with him. Seriously Kent they don't want anything to do with you get the picture.

And why would Damon Kruezer think that he is as famous as he is? Because he has made it all up in his sick and twisted mind that he is some sort of celebrity. Now I think he is just trying to make us all think he is crazy and delusional after getting over on the government for so many years but his actions as of late have proven that he is totally sane and playing a game. Why would he be denying doing any wrong if he was actually crazy. His claiming that people are using him to gain fame is just simply absurd. If you did a pole on the street very few people would even know who Damon Kruezer was. So to sit there and claim that Mark Wilson is trying to use his fame as a stepping stone is simply hilarious
For Damon to actually think that the ACLU would have anything to do with him is as funny as him thinking that someone is using him to gain fame. Moving on.
Now here is where things start to get really crazy. He is hoping to put up a story on "his best known site" The technicolor nightmare itself. Funny more people read the shit written on the stall wall in a public bathroom than read that shit he posts on that website. In truth the bathroom stall walls are more interesting. Lets get real here he has at best 100 hits a day on that website and it is mostly people in the industry looking to see what kind of crazy crap he's writing and if it is about them. Yet no one in their right mind will actually acknowledge him. Now how funny is that. Some big and powerful media tycoon is he.

Oh and this one is really funny, he is always alluding to all of these followers who never ever make any comments in his defense anywhere.
This one is full of his circular logic which is just plain stupid. Seriously what the hell is he talking about here. Another one of his cryptic messages for his flock of followers maybe?
How about those patterns. Damon Kruezer is one big pattern of his continued lies, the scams, the stalking and harassment of models and his perverted nature. Now this one I really love, Damon is trying to discredit the person that he lied to about investing in a movie that he never intended to make. Damon is trying to make it appear that the person is just a chronic complainer. Is Damon kidding us? He stole $11,400.00 dollars under a phony investment scheme. I think the victim has grounds to complain about that. Which he did right to the FBI, and his local police as well. There are police reports on file.

Yes he did come to you for help with little problem he had with a escort but that issue has since been resolved. But you under the guise of helping him suckered him in to your phony movie deal by lying to him. You lied to him and committed interstate wire fraud, that's a felony Kentie deal with that. Seriously it does not look good for you this time.

Fabricated evidence? Are you serious? There are over 100 emails from you at least 20 voice messages and they are all still on the server in pristine condition and the authorities have copies of them all. You just wish that the evidence was fabricated. I have news for you I have read some of the emails and heard some of the voice mails and I got so angry that I could not listen to them all. The sound of you voice was making me sick and I could not stand it for another second. You have stepped over the line of being "a guilty pleasure" to being just plain guilty.

The first line of the next screen grab really says it all. We have this sack of crap that you are using to defend yourself. This is the biggest joke I have seen all week. making false accusations about people and accusing people of being paid off. sounds like you have watched to much Dynasty and Dallas. This is the real world and no one has been paid to lie about you. Quite the opposite really they are all telling the truth about you and they are doing this with no monetary incentive.

All of your lies about the truth squad while you were stealing this gentleman's money drove him to us after you did it. So you and your stupidity was your own downfall. We directed him to the authorities and we told him to save and preserve the evidence. We told him to contact his Internet provider and his phone service to make sure that the evidence of your crime is preserved in a pristine manner to insure that you are going to face charges. we told him to contact his local police and the FBI and they are working on this case.

Angel Skye is not involved in this other than he is a friend to the truth squad. The only reason that you mentioned Angel is because you saw me and him on twitter talking about our conversation from the previous evening. You are so paranoid about getting that knock on your door that you are making shit up and trying to make it make sense.

This one is too funny, he is betrayed by his fans? Betrayed by his stupidity is more like it. last year when he was nominated he made a big fuss about attending the awards but he was at home in Quincy Mass lying to anyone who would listen to him. Sad as it is he still is claiming that he was whisked away through a side entrance to avoid process servers.
This year was he even tweeting that he was a shoe in for a nomination. I guess when they checked the IP addresses of all of those who nominated him they found out the truth. Maybe you did not hold up your end of the bargain again. To include Brent Corrigan in your whiny little tirade is just plain pitiful. You did not get nominated because you did not deserve to be nominated and to try and accuse Cybersocket of any wrong doing is just sour grapes on your part. the only one who stopped you from getting nominated was you. Deal with that.
This is just priceless, now Damon is trying to get Sydney and Angel all mixed up in his fraud by claiming that he is in a joint venture with ASG. Seriously does he think that any one will fall for this? In typical Damon fashion he thinks he can lie his way out of this. But the fact is he is only making it easier to prove that he has committed fraud. By creating all of these fake websites in an attempt to lead the authorities to believe that there really is a movie being made is just plain asinine.
There is no film footage from France with "Cadinots People" there are no sets in Chatsworth there are no models attached to this "production" nothing, nada just a big old zero. There is not now or there never was a Brads Buddies II. Just a bunch more lies from Damon Kruezer. All of his twisted allegations will not cover his ass this time. He drug David Forest into his stupid lie and David Forest is a twice convicted criminal. Does Damon Kruezer think for one minute that David Forest will not turn the tables on his fowl ass? He will turn on you faster than he can snort a line of cocaine
Just Like with the Bryan Kocis case Damon claimed he was in Bryan's will and that he would be running Cobra Video. He tried to get a hold of ASG but I guess Sidney was a bit smarter than that and he figured out Damon's plan was all along destroy the company Angel Skye and Brad Star built and then claim that he could come in and save it and get Brad in the process. Brad Star was another of Damon's obsessions. Damon's constant meddling in the private lives of the models has caused more problems and created more bad blood between he and the industry. The Industry that will not even mention his name. For more than a decade the gay porn industry has sat back and let him terrorize models make false complaints to the authorities all based on crap that he was fed by industry leaches.
Well this is Damon's last hurrah and you can bet that he is going to try and pull down any and everyone who ever fed him the crap he posted. My advice is to cut Damon off at the knees and come clean now before he drags you and all of your dirty laundry into the public arena. His constant claims that there is a conspiracy against him and that everyone who has anything negative to say about him are getting paid are ridiculous. Does he not realize that everyone in the business would have their hand out for that gravy train. His constant harping about his first amendment rights is laughable. No one has tried to stop him from writing his drivel. We just supply a different point of view to the stories he tells with actual proof to back them up.

I has been said that anyone who tries to be their own attorney has a fool for a client and Damon proves that in spades with the nonsense that he posted on his "well known website" today. he is trying to defend himself on the Technicolor Nightmare. What is really funny is that you just can't make this stuff up. All I can say is thank god for stupid because it is going to bring Damon down.

Monday, November 2, 2009

More Damon Kruezer Emails

In an attempt to fool us into believing that he is in California Damon is back to his old tricks of sending out emails with blind CC's hoping that we will check the IP addresses and see that he is in Los Angeles.

Silly Kent does not get it though all of his little server tricks and IP address shifting does not work. Kent seems to think that if he uses a proxy server and blind IP address he can fool someone. Really he is only fooling himself by thinking that we won't figure out his scheme.

The FBI does not find his feeble attempts humorous at all. Now seriously Kent, you claim to be writing a book about the Joe and Harlow Murder trial so you must be aware that they were convicted based on email and cell phone data.

Do you seriously think that by using a company like UBIQUITY SERVER SOLUTIONS LOS ANGELES GETSEVEN.NET no one will know that you got a 30 day free account and are trying to pull another scam? Seriously it all leads right back to GO Daddy and then right back to you and that means that you are still in Boston.

Now I know that a "Big Media Tycoon" such as yourself would think that you have the resources and the ability to fool us "little truth squaders" with your lies and proclamations that we are just "haters" but you are wrong there. In this age of information sharing, high speed Internet, cell phone technology and software programs that decipher scams you are cold busted.

Now I do realize that you did get over on one person for $11,400.00 with your claims that you were making a movie called Brad's Buddies II. but your claims that the money was a gift is a blatant lie. That little stunt you pulled constituted interstate wire fraud. Your emails and telephone voice mails contradict your public statements.There is no movie and there is no Paris film footage filmed with Cadinot's people and there never was a movie. you do not have any models attached to this project and you never did. to try and get Brent Corrigan mixed up in your lie is just plain stupid.

After you bad mouthed Jason Pitt, Kameron Scott Chase Harding and MJ taylor you try to get them to contact you via twitter so you can manipulate there emails to say that they would do your movie. You really are an idiot if you think that little ploy would work. What you don't seem to understand is that the gay porn industry is well aware of what you have done and anyone with a lick of sense is ignoring you. You have burned far to many bridges this time and that Technicolor insanity that you call a web page with its 100 hits a day will not save you this time. You can say what ever you want there and the only people reading it are just going to laugh at you.

You can make all the claims that you want about your deep Intel and how you are this great writer but in truth you are nothing but a cyberstalker and a hack who has been used over the years by the nefarious sleaze balls in the industry to get revenge on others. Now with your latest Brainstorm to be a great director you have scared off those who used to feed you your dirt.

The lights are on now and all of the roaches have scattered but you and you are the only roach left in the middle of the room and the truth squad is a big old can of RAID.

Oh and since you have claimed that the money was a gift, then you would be guilty of tax fraud.
The IRS is also involved in this case. Now you being on SSI should be very worried about that because it would affect you government check if you made too much money. To bad you did not think this scam through. Also you seem to think that the person that you ripped of will fold and forget about all of this and you will get away with your lies and scams once again. You are wrong about that. I have met him and I can attest to his resolve in getting you put away.

So I can just say this to you you really went and did it this time, and now you are trying to suck in David Forest and Ben Nichols in to you little plan. David Forest will roll on your as so fast it's not even funny and Ben Nichols should really be careful what he puts in his emails. You trying to use Ben as a bribe was just plain stupid, you know with the Trent Lott thing hanging over his head and all. Kentie your done this time tick tock bitch.